Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday's Top 10

Behold, Saturday and the first weekend of Spring. Have an umbrella. Although when May comes around make sure to be outside for the first shower. My mom always said this brings good luck!

The list, and btw readers, this is the order that I find them, not a personal ranking system. This time I got carried away past 10 -- consider it making up for lack of attention to the blog and loss of frequency in posting.

  1. Mike Giant "Kundalini" (Boobs, Serpents, the Written Word all in Sharpie)
  2. Their's still hope for you old schoolers. Save Polaroid.
  3. I would like a new phone.
  4. I would like a point and click new camera or a medium format DSLR.
  5. Am I the only person who thinks its weird to take your laptop to a bar?
  6. Eating before and after excercise.
  7. Cool site with Hubble space photos and here's a large cat's eye nebula photo.
  8. Custom Moleskins!
  9. First person to buy me this belt gets upgraded to thoughtful friend status.
  10. Pretty girls.
  11. A collection of last suppers.
  12. What's amazing is that every comment on this page is that of priase. I found it to be rather gross. I can however see how it's interesting to behave this way and have the ability to do so at this age without your family getting in the way I mean WTF!
  13. First shots of Snake Eyes on the upcoming GI Joe flick.

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