Sunday, March 23, 2008

16 weeks of not smoking.

Check out this Tobacco Free Florida site. It's helping spread awareness. There's a YouTube video in there with some scary facts, check it out.

For shits and giggles I decided to count one more time and today marks 16 weeks. Thats 112 days. Imagine I would have smoked on average 5 cigarettes a day. That would add up to 560 cigarettes since I've quit. I would have needed to buy 28 packs to fulfill this quantity. At an average of $4 a pack, I have thus far saved $112.

More importantly, they say that each cigarette that you smoke is an hour of your life that you have removed. I'm not sure how truthful that is, but if its correct that means I have saved 560 hours. Thats 23 days of my life.

No matter how much money I make or save, I can never make up time. If the correlation is each cigarette is one minute, then thats 560 minutes which is almost 9.5 hours. Thats still a good chunk of time.

This is extremely encouraging. My weight has not suffered either. They say you eat more. I still weigh the same. Maybe the working out ha to do with it. Anyhow, this is just a journal entry for myself. A reminder.


Sari "Leggs" Velar said...

mama is proud

EAT said...

You didn't even sneak one when you were drunk? Not once did you wake up, recovering from a blackout and your fingers smelt faintly of that sweet burnt paper tobacco smell? Either way, congrats. You're like a hero and stuff.