Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 21 of Not Smoking

3 weeks.

Despite life's trap doors, pits of death, and other miscellaneous booby traps I've managed to hurdle the nicotine escape route for 21 days. I find counting the days encouraging and confidence nourishing.

Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun

##first music-oriented post##

Released in 1993 by the Oakland, CA based, badass, post-metal sludge band, Neurosis.

The track, "Cleanse," a 26 minute avalanche of percussion, which apparently comes from band members and guests during a recording session according to some blogs, has inspired this post. Shortly after the 6 minute mark the beat enters a slow acceleration where the organic vibrations and sinusoidal yelling can be heard and the result is a pressing and crazy harmony of sound.

Good for different kinds of cerebral flushing, your favorite visceral release, a deserving film sequence, or a good jam.

Download via Rapidshare
Neurosis, Enemy of the Sun
(part1, part2)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Nalgene Flask

Once believed to be a brand representing the choice container for outdoor drink, the plastic bottling company has now expanded it's product line with the obvious choice - a hip flask. I first came across this brand through Mirti and later became blasted by it's presence via Sport's Authority or Florida Jet's Outdoors where they demo one of their big-mouth bottles being ran over by a truck and maintaining it's composure. Essentially these bottles are built for durability and some are car-run-over proof! Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Taking Science on Faith

This is for the nerds out there. And the idea of this serving nerds abroad has been validated. Read as you'd like. Two of my most intelligent friends have forwarded this link my way on independent occassions. Ok, I give props to Alex and Astrid then.

Taking Science on Faith -NYTimes Article

I'm on Day 10 of Not Smoking

So I'm on my 10th day of being nicotine and tobacco free. This is good. I'm happy to say that I feel more agile and support a day of higher energy than usual. One of the bullets in the masterplan is to physically propagate myself as similar to Spiderman as possible. I think I'm directionally accurate on achieving this.

Going to the Mall

I'm going to hit the shops today. I'm dreading and delaying this venture. What's funny is that everyone I know actually does have everything they need. I mean they don't need anything. So I'm just going to look for things they may want in hopes of success. I'd hate to let this drag to the weekend.

My goal is to spend less than $800 on everyone (excluding myself). This is a reasonable goal, wouldn't you say? I think the average spend during Christmas is around $1.5k~$2k among the lower and middle class folk.

El Timba Enamora la Muerte

My friend Luis likes to doodle at work during his spare time. Our fortune is variable through space and time.

The Garden Plays A Mean Pianoberry

This is a test post. Do you like?