Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beirut - Gulag Orkestar (title song only)

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Beirut - Gulag Orkestar (single)

I first heard this song at work from a friend's cellphone. It was like a gypsy version of Big Bird had just entered the office in the form of a vulture. The first appearance of the percussion in concert with the dramatic brass and the painful cries are what make this track an instant classic.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Morning Top ...

Today's in....
no particular order...

  • William Shatner became an element of comedy at somepoint in our culture. Can this ever become comedic? Personally I think they're trying to rip off some of the awesomeness from the new Batman movies. I don't mind much anyway...

  • For all the web nerds like me - I found this funny: What if web browsers were women?

  • An awesome collection of hubble collected star clusters.

  • This is going to deliver a lot of awesomeness. Seriously, actually, this is going to be friggin' amazing! AND it would make for an excellent birthday present to me ;)

  • New wallpaper on my desktop friends - I picked the one on the right.

  • Watchmen spoofs that are just begging to begin... heh.

  • Ha-ha

  • I used to think Sloane Peterson and Linda Barret were the hottest women in the universe.

  • Who says flip-flops can't be hardcore!?!!

  • Next Bike Miami is March 14th.

  • Pretty cool Hong-Kong based design house: AllRightsReserved

  • Cool pic of a car speeding through a tunnel. I like how the car, which is stationary in reference to the camera is SHARP.

  • Trying to finish reading Watchmen today. Silk Spectre isn't the highlight of the movie but here are a collection of kick ass shots of her.

  • I guess if you're going to visit a nude beach, it might as well be one of these - who's with me!?

Monday, March 2, 2009

So I don't forget.

"La vida es una novela,
y viendo la con dulzura,
mas dura un cago de vela,
que lo que la vida, dura."

-my dad

Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious sings to me.


I just learned that this - a Sid Vicious cover of Frank Sinatra's My Way - existed last night during a game of Cranium. Had to quickly check it out and now want to share it with everyone. Friggin' sweet!

I actually never got into the Sex Pistols. I was never introduced nor was I curious enough to engage with the band. They've seemed more like a novelty I dismissed because of all the other punk I was listening to when first exposed with the genre. Maybe my approach was backwards... In any event. I like this. I am sharing it with you.

This reminds me of the movie Children of Men and how the possibility of London being the last civilized city in the world is something I could see happening if it ever came to it. So many good things have come out of the UK. Will that ever stop?

Monday Morning Top 10: Making it Go Down Easier One Link at a Time

  1. Be glad you've never encountered one of these.
  2. Ten tips to improve your Twitter experience.
  3. Ever thought of publishing a book? Here are a few ways on how to do that.
  4. A 4 year old's dream parade - Clifford inside!
  5. Super solar. Super speeds. Super design. MIT is the bomb.
  6. If you hadn't heard yet. Postsecret will be publishing a book.
  7. Did you watch Slumdog Millionaire? Checkout the power lines in the slums.
  8. The oddest encounter with Wolverine.
  9. Whose Line is it Anyway + Richard Simmons. Click here.
  10. Douchebag FAIL.
This has to be done. It is long overdue. It was done in 20 minutes. Now need to run to work!

Phantom Residual Conciousness

This picture was taken from a random generation of the past 7 days of Flickr photos.

Remember when you were young? When you were really young? I'm talking 16. That was 1995 for me. I was moving on from comics to the internet. I think that may have been a major turning point for me. It wasn't an abandoning by choice. It's just that Marvel, Image, and DC, weren't pumping out anything that spiked my interest and I always felt I'd get lost if dove into the independents. I had very few independants - the one in particular that I miss greatly was a black & white Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles whose content was anything but what you'd see in a weekday afternoon special. The turtles were vicious. They took on enemies with serious martial arts and blood would spill. They were ripped but not cheesy. They had a code and a sensei. They were fuckin' ninja turtles! I'd sit for hours beside my bed taking care not to crease any of the pages because my comics were so cool and valuable that they were under the highest level of security. Still, if anyone finds this comic please contact me and return it for a large reward.

In 1995 a lot of paths began to open. I heard Fugazi for the first time. I was in a mosh pit for the first time. I had sex for the first time. I rebeled against my parents for the 84th time. I was taking my first physics class. I bought a quart of Mickey's from the Citgo on 87th ave for the first time. I'd leave the old man my change for posterity generated from the understanding that he knew I wasn't of age. Poor bastard. Who knows how many bad seeds he'd watered. How many car accident's he instigated.

There was nothing to encourage the deployment of a text message then. There weren't personal GPS's. I may have had a beeper. There was no sense of tracking of anything. No social community status updates. Today there are all kinds of tracking devices. Back then I think moments were better developed and decisions were more carefully executed. I think we would all think more often.

People would chill out and deal with things. They'd have more time to think about the situation. Today a text comes in and the normal response is to reply right away. A status update may be posted and you may be tempted to reply, repost, or make your own commentary. People use the words "link me" in their dialogue. The all-caps abbreviations - like LOL - make it to some people's daily vocabularies. I'm just as guilty.

This note is to tell everyone that its important to invest a little more time, think more, share more, and to communicate more. I want to tell You that you should actually dial and memorize someone's phone number. Talk to your friends and family for a few extra minutes when your'e about to hang up. Give your friends and family the time you think you don't have. Share things, with the internet and with your hands to their physical hands. Shoot them the latest YouTube video. Show them a shell you found on the beach shore. Hand them a photo. Tell them about something you love about them of which they're not aware. Walk with them. Think more about what you did and didn't do.

This post was written under the influence of Andrew Bird's Noble Beast and Angels of Light's Everything is Good Here/Please Come Home.