Saturday, March 22, 2008

Crystal Castles

For some this is the new cutting-edge "thrash" dance piece. I call it the next background music applicable for several scenarios, film, or something to bob your head and relax - maybe with some lunch - maybe while you balance your checkbook or drive early in the morning with no desire to put your brain past first gear. Oh yeah, they're Toronto based for those of you who think thats important.

I have to mention their execution in 8-bit Atari/Nintendo sounds. Yeah they're in here. Run away if this brings you to regurgitation. Some people have hate and some people have a great fondness for the classic sound that once upon a time made days go faster and more enjoyable. The former however feel it bastardizes the 8-bit days or just dont' care. I can dig it. The only other performer that has implemented this where I enjoyed it I think was Beck in some bootleg album he has which maybe I'll post about later on (especially if anyone asks for it).

My favorite song in here and that keeps me listening is called "Magic Spells." It reminds me of Boards of Canada for some reason. I'd love to hear about it if anyone agrees with this correlation.

Enjoy this.

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Crystal Castles

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