Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jesu - Why We Are Not Perfect

Jesu has been around for about 5 years and each album actually holds some uniqueness to it.  Some records are quite heavy and toy with the metal and drone genres.  Why We Are Not Perfect is their latest release and is a 5 track EP.  This one however seems like what-you-would-get if you mixed Isis with Boards of Canada, baked the  mix at 375º F and glazed with ambient marmalade on top.  Tasty?  Not for most, but you'll have to try.  When I added it to my mp3 library I notieced the Genre label of 'doom avantgarde' and was somewhat discouraged because I think thats cheesy.  After listening anyway it redeemed itself as appropriate. 

The title track and farewell are the coolest ones in my opinion.

Mostly instrumental with some soft lyrics here and there - this is best enoyed during long walks on the beach or just hanging out in bed, your living room, or car.  

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Morning Top 10!

It's been a while. I haven't done this in months. My inspiration comes from being wide awake. Somehow I am. Last night I went to a friend of mine's birthday dinner. We dined at a hidden gem I had never known till 12 hours ago. Actually I can't believe it - I just found that they, in fact, have a web page, Jesus, how have I never known of this place?.

My first time having Korean food. My metaphor to describe it comes out to - teppanyaki BBQ with kimchee - which translates to delicious in my books. Anyhow we had plenty of Mutsu-OH (my favorite cold junmai sake)and Sapporo. After dinner there was a 3 hour Karaoke session that drove all the restaurant's customers out. Perfect.

This morning Miami is like an excited, wet, and young vagina - angry, hot, wet, and keeps you in.

Now it's 8am or so, I'm up. Now the list:

Ok so there's more than ten...

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

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Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

I'm posting this primarily by request.  When I first heard this album it seemed like a good idea.  Then I could see how it would annoy the shit out of someone.  Now I understand it as a record that given the right circumstances (driving like a zombie or behaving beligerently) depending on the circumstances it could be a good time.

This record is made by ONE GUY with a bunch of records.  He's a weird ass white dude majoring in biomedical engineering.  The style of this music is called "mashup" samples from all kinds of artists and creates a somewhat cohesive track - I've heard its a ton of fun when live.  A friend of mine told me he sets up in the middle of a dance floor and everyoen dances around him.  His mixing table is level with the floor so people are literally standing right next to him. It's quite popular right now among many circles.