Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boris - Smile

First of all, I really enjoy this band. Most of their work, maybe all of it. I'm sure of that actually.

Boris is a Japanese band that sings in Japanese and plays in badass. Their portfolio of work contains records that can happily put me to sleep or build up something more visceral...(see: Akuma No Uta, Dronevil, Mabuta No Ura). In the same light they can wake me up and make me with their encouraging methods in particular as from their stoner metal album Heavy Rocks.

Smile is a little different with more vocals and more non-traditional sounds. It almost pushes them towards something smelling like what a noobish alternative metal band would want to do. It's almost like they're on the edge. They almost lost me on a few tracks to be honest. Their's an element of rawness from some of those other records I mentioned that is missing. At the same time theirs a distinct degree of honesty in the music for this one and I give them credit for that. To me this means they have balls.

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Boris - Smile

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