Sunday, June 21, 2009

Isis - Wavering Radiant

Isis - Wavering Radiant
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I saw Isis in Austin on May 19th at a great venue called Emo's with several indoor and outdoor rooms complete with graffiti, flyers and printed artwork, useable bleachers, and all on various levels/floors. It was actually on a trip for work and had to do a presentation at 7am the following morning but I didn't care. It was also a plus that I found out about the show from a work colleague in Austin who also provided transportation to the show, a very cool guy who also appreciates metal and Isis.

I had heard Wavering Radiant before attending the show so the material wasn't brand spanking new but the live experience was. I think, because of the cleanliness in the sound of their new material and the exploratory ventures having more of an ambient or atmospheric ecosystem, I have to say that the recorded media experience is better than the live experience. Not because they suck live, the performance was actually quite incredible and was very well delivered. Its just that I enjoy Isis moreso in a private setting when I'm doing my own thing. This over standing in the same spot nodding my head in a sea of heads. As the band progresses their music is more and more something that I play in the background to zone out, drive my car, or to help me get in the zone when trying to do other things - be productive, etc. This is what happens when I listen to Isis.


Anonymous said...

You' re so fuckin right!
Isis are so good for background, to get the right concentration, or to drive.
They are so trippy! I love them, I love Mastodon too.

Armando S said...

I disagree, they were incredible live, I was there aswell. This is the second time i've seen them and can't wait for the third. I mean, you could hear them on your car ride home anyday, hearing them live is not something you could enjoy everyday