Friday, June 5, 2009

I doodled tonight: w0rm

I was going through a green duffel I use and somehow found this curled up worm on my bed. Not really a worm, probably a part of the millipede family. I picked it up with a sheet of paper and was going to flush it down the toilet. On my walk to the toilet I figured - how weird is it that this is what humans do now? After thousands of years if we find a worm in our house we throw worms in the toilet or put it in the trash. So, I decided to doodle him first. It posed for me in its curled up position and I did my best to capture its beautiful stripes and curled up toes.

When I was done I mistakenly dropped it and it uncurled and started running away. I was amazed at the fact that it was alive and that we had experienced that together. I picked him up again and threw him in the grass in the backyard. The End.

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onomatowhata said...

next time eat it and then it will become a part of you forever.