Monday, March 2, 2009

Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious sings to me.


I just learned that this - a Sid Vicious cover of Frank Sinatra's My Way - existed last night during a game of Cranium. Had to quickly check it out and now want to share it with everyone. Friggin' sweet!

I actually never got into the Sex Pistols. I was never introduced nor was I curious enough to engage with the band. They've seemed more like a novelty I dismissed because of all the other punk I was listening to when first exposed with the genre. Maybe my approach was backwards... In any event. I like this. I am sharing it with you.

This reminds me of the movie Children of Men and how the possibility of London being the last civilized city in the world is something I could see happening if it ever came to it. So many good things have come out of the UK. Will that ever stop?

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