Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Morning Top ...

Today's in....
no particular order...

  • William Shatner became an element of comedy at somepoint in our culture. Can this ever become comedic? Personally I think they're trying to rip off some of the awesomeness from the new Batman movies. I don't mind much anyway...

  • For all the web nerds like me - I found this funny: What if web browsers were women?

  • An awesome collection of hubble collected star clusters.

  • This is going to deliver a lot of awesomeness. Seriously, actually, this is going to be friggin' amazing! AND it would make for an excellent birthday present to me ;)

  • New wallpaper on my desktop friends - I picked the one on the right.

  • Watchmen spoofs that are just begging to begin... heh.

  • Ha-ha

  • I used to think Sloane Peterson and Linda Barret were the hottest women in the universe.

  • Who says flip-flops can't be hardcore!?!!

  • Next Bike Miami is March 14th.

  • Pretty cool Hong-Kong based design house: AllRightsReserved

  • Cool pic of a car speeding through a tunnel. I like how the car, which is stationary in reference to the camera is SHARP.

  • Trying to finish reading Watchmen today. Silk Spectre isn't the highlight of the movie but here are a collection of kick ass shots of her.

  • I guess if you're going to visit a nude beach, it might as well be one of these - who's with me!?

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