Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Top 10: Making it Go Down Easier One Link at a Time

  1. Be glad you've never encountered one of these.
  2. Ten tips to improve your Twitter experience.
  3. Ever thought of publishing a book? Here are a few ways on how to do that.
  4. A 4 year old's dream parade - Clifford inside!
  5. Super solar. Super speeds. Super design. MIT is the bomb.
  6. If you hadn't heard yet. Postsecret will be publishing a book.
  7. Did you watch Slumdog Millionaire? Checkout the power lines in the slums.
  8. The oddest encounter with Wolverine.
  9. Whose Line is it Anyway + Richard Simmons. Click here.
  10. Douchebag FAIL.
This has to be done. It is long overdue. It was done in 20 minutes. Now need to run to work!

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