Monday, May 19, 2008

Landing Page Optimization

Wow, so it's lunch time, I'm at work, and I wondering about the fact that there are a gazillion web sites out there and they all want you to do something. Sign up here, click here, buy this, join today, etc.

Still not all landing pages are created equal. There are three main goals to every online activity.

  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Retention
So every online marketeer has three task they need to do well on. The first one, acquisition, is the ability to get people to come to your event. It's getting them in the door. It's showing them your campaign for the first time. Your best shot is at launch or during a time frame that is specific to the campaign. You create a plan and hope to get the highest yield out of your acquisition strategy. In other words you want to get the greatest number of impressions possible.

The next challenge is called conversion. It's a percentage. It's a division problem it's the number of people who took the desired action / the total number of impressions. Imagine, you have a safillion amount of users coming to your site. Some close the page right away. Some read a little and close. Others click one level deep and occasionally you get people to do what you wanted. The challenge here is getting the right words, images, and layout to match the type of user you have attracted from your previous acquisition strategy.

The last of the three is called retention. You, as a monetary entity want to retain as many users as possible to keep your campaign going and achieving more conversion. Your ability to retain also shows how much your users trust your campaign, product, or brand. This is a key item in what will propagate your campaign, product, or brand to the next level. It prepares you for your next campaign, product or brand.

So those things said. We have three key goals. What boggles us must be the fact that there is no example of a perfect landing page. If there is, I would like to see it. Proof or no proof. I would be thoroughly impressed if someone could show me a landing page I would have otherwise never had heard of and become converted. Is there a recipe for this type of success?

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