Monday, May 26, 2008

Change is good.

At this rate things will never be the same. I'll be turning 29 in September. The end of my twenties. Sure lots of people say that the 30s are really cool. But who are those people? Don't get me wrong I appreciate change. My head nods when people say "change is good" or "embrace change." I don't have a problem.

The funny thing is that change can occur for several reasons. Humor me while I create this subset of reasons:

  • time
  • A decision is made
  • chance
We're all way too familiar with time so I won't spend any time on that one - with time your fountain soda will get full and your crows feet will get large. There's also chance, which is what happens when it starts raining, you get a flat tire, and whatever you were going to do next is now in the hands of time or an outside force. What I find most interesting is change by making a decision. Here time and chance are completely uninvolved. Like if I quit my job and went on a 6 week walkabout with some friends in South America. That would make for change by decision and would specifically address a behavior not likely once into the 30s or so I'm lead to believe.

So I have no choice but to train myself to welcome the upcoming time frame, it's implications, joys and consequences.

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