Monday, November 3, 2008

Alienware M17 Notebook - ATI CrossFireX and Intel Quad Core in a 17-inch Notebook

So friggin' cool. Alienware's first notebook with ATI CrossFireX™ graphics and Intel® quad core technology... the Alienware M17 Notebook. Way to kick off the post Halloween season. What can HP, Voodoo, or Apple do to compete? Maybe those brands are raising a white flag and admitting defeat in the mobile high-performance gaming segment. Which notebook would you get this holiday season?

This is also the first Alienware notebook with:

  • a 1066MHz FSB (front side bus) - Intel Montevinia platform for notebooks
  • ESATA port - up to 300Mbps storage transfers
  • fingerprint reader - Biometric Security
  • 64-bit Windows Vista™ - up to 4GB of DDR3 1,066MHz RAM!
It also has the ultra-sweet soft black-touch cabinet previously exclusive to the Area-51® m9750. It has the 1920x1200p display option, HDMI 1.3b output for high definition gaming/media output, and RAID hard drives option.

It even starts at $1,399. Very tempting.

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