Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Morning Top 10!

It's been a while. I haven't done this in months. My inspiration comes from being wide awake. Somehow I am. Last night I went to a friend of mine's birthday dinner. We dined at a hidden gem I had never known till 12 hours ago. Actually I can't believe it - I just found that they, in fact, have a web page, Jesus, how have I never known of this place?.

My first time having Korean food. My metaphor to describe it comes out to - teppanyaki BBQ with kimchee - which translates to delicious in my books. Anyhow we had plenty of Mutsu-OH (my favorite cold junmai sake)and Sapporo. After dinner there was a 3 hour Karaoke session that drove all the restaurant's customers out. Perfect.

This morning Miami is like an excited, wet, and young vagina - angry, hot, wet, and keeps you in.

Now it's 8am or so, I'm up. Now the list:

Ok so there's more than ten...

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Conservative Ras said...

That first point of O'Reilly laying the smack down... i love it. O'Reilly is the most raw person on TV. And Barney Frank is an idiot... a sloppy politican.