Friday, February 8, 2008

Wilco - A Ghost Is Born

Last week I noticed a spike in users looking to download Wilco material. I'm glad to add this album to the blog.

This was the second Wilco album I ever became obsessed with me. There's something incredibly strong about At Least That's What You Said, the first track. Everything from the lyrics and how it's sung which seems like whispers or a monologue of a man amazed at the outcome of his trepidations with his partner. The piano and the guitar to me, show the picture of the scene while he's not talking - in his thoughts and also in reality as he makes his declarations. The banging of the piano really describes specific emotions. It's fluttering melodies also entertain the wavering nature of his frustrations.

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Wilco - A Ghost Is Born

Many of these tracks deserve strong and thorough appreciation and attention. I'm not a music journalist, a writer, a superfan, or any kind music professional and for that reason I won't go into every song.

Anyway, tracks like Spiders (Kidsmoke) is one of those songs that when you first listen to, dizzyness can occur as it continuously repeats a certain rhythm for around 10 minutes. I used to hate it the song. However, I remember having been to their show in Chicago in October of 2004 and being absolutely happy when I heard it and enjoyed every second.

Other songs like Hummingbird, Company In My Back, I'm A Wheel, and Theologians are extremely personal to me to this day and will continue to be. The music, messages, and symbols are such that I enjoy associating to events and symbols in my own life. Anyhow, enjoy the record.


Daniel Franco said...

Hey, thanks for uploading this album, i was looking for it. Thanks again!

nb said...

ElementaryPenguin said...

Thanks for the post. I just bought Kicking Television: Live in Chicago, and wanted to hear the studio tracks that I didn't recognize.