Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Morning's Top 10

  1. A Sad day for photo peeps. :(
  2. This is not in Niagra Falls.
  3. Great idea! Who's with me?
  4. Someone has to buy me this.
  5. The story of the tortoise and the hippo. How does this happen?
  6. Everyone should run.
  7. An abridged version to things HULK.
  8. Buy Method products at Target.
  9. While we're on that tip. I don't know if this should make me happy or sad.
  10. Last night I dreamt I was chillin' with Jon Stewart.


BabySquids said...
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BabySquids said...

Great top 10, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the bits about devil's pond and tortoise mommy.