Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keep Saying No to Smoking Cigarettes

Still going. Proud. No need for a new year's resolution. It's still tempting. I've gone
1 year and 2 weeks
since I've quit smoking.

  • At 1 pack / 3 days, that's 127 packs of cigarettes that I didn't smoke.
  • At $4 / pack, that's $508 bucks I didn't spend.
  • At losing 1 minute of my life / 1 cigarettes, that's 2,540 minutes of quality life saved. (hearsay statistic)

1 comment:

El joven Henry Winkler said...

hope you don't get hit by a bus before enjoying those 2,540 minutes. Hahaha
just jokin.
But really... hope you don't