Monday, September 29, 2008

The National - Alligator

The National - Alligator

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The National - Alligator

The very first time I heard The National, I can't remember but, I dismissed them quick. They seemed like your typical '00s whinny band. Even after that experience when I saw them open up for Arcade Fire in Radio City Music Hall in New York City which I have to say is the venue where music sounds the best so far, in my experiences. (I'm obviously a fan of Arcade Fire)

Anyhow, now my best friend tells me, "...dude checkout All The Wine from Alligator..," so I gave it a spin and I was able to finish the track. I think he liked the lyrics where the guy says "I'm a perfect piece of ass," still I can't explain what he liked about that. Sometimes I think he's confused about his sexuality - but thats for another post. This is their third album of 4, and was released in 2005.

Anyhow I appreciated the monologue type story telling lyrics and the music itself was somewhat catchy and introspective - reminded me of memories from the early '00s and that I need to keep living. So I kept listening to see if there was more to have.

Then I gave this other song Karen a shot. Again, it was another introspective, sad, somewhat whinny song. Now, I know I keep using the word whinny but I honestly believe that after a few minutes of listening you can hear some real substance behind it all. This song could've been in "Garden State." Maybe you'll get it if you use that example and put it in that context.

Anyway, this weekend I enjoyed this album while driving. Some may call it blasphemous but some tracks like City Middle sound like something off a Lou Reed record, like Transformer.

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