Friday, August 29, 2008

Some thoughts on Obama's campaign and Decision '08

Democratic National Convention '08 - Barack Obama

Thought I'd rant a bit...It can be argued that this campaign has done nothing but focus on a theme about change. I mean that outside of the actual printed materials that say CHANGE. Like an excellent written essay or manuscript should do, all of the marketing channels being used really engulf the concept of change. This speech reinforces that and I believe that it successfully deposits that theme into people's minds when they think about Obama.

Whether he is successful or not in improving where we are challenged he would definitely put us in a direction that is 'different' and potentially open new opportunities and challenges we have not seen before; ultimately making for a new, modern, more interesting America.

I don't think he will be able to fix our problems during his term(s) if elected, but I do believe that he is capable of setting us off in a new direction. This concept does not frighten me very much. I think it can't really get worse.

McCain although a hero, a great American, seems to me that his methods would be extremely traditional and is less likely to think outside the box. I don't think this would drive sufficient success to improve the lives of the common joes and janes. I also don't believe that because a man serves in war that we should feel inclined to elect him as president, and many people whom I've spoken to use that as a point of argument.

Lastly, I truly hope that the concept of religion does not become a point of argument the people focus on. Whether Obama is Christian or Muslim should not be a deciding factor for anyone. In the months to come I do see this as a potential target for the McCain campaign. We should not be basing our decision for President on what faith our leaders follow. There is no correlation between that and what a Great American President is, in my opinion.

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