Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Walkmen and Spoon in Ft. Lauderdale Concert - Miami, FL - April 16, 2008

So I bought my tickets weeks ago after a good friend of mine sent the alerting email. I have to say that it's been months since I've listened to either of these bands. i didn't know what to expect. I mean I'm 28 years old now. I think the first time I saw the Walkmen was about five years ago. I was 23. Being 23 and being 28 are two totally !@#$&*. I saw some old friends, some dear, some disdained.

Anyhow, we got there just as the opening band, White Rabbit, was playing. I was pleasantly surprised with them. I believe there were five members in the band and I could see how their music fits in a place where the Walkmen and Spoon are headlining. (Until I arrived, I didn't know which the headlining band was.)

The venue was Revolution which was once known as The Chili Pepper which was once known as The Edge. I've seen many bands here: Pennywise, NOFX, KMFDM, Bad Religion, and several others but those were the most memorable times that I can remember right now. I've seen people walk out with bloody noses. I've seen people jump off the second floor. I myself have been backstage during an act and have stage dived on numerous occassions. The place is very different now. Sure it still has its intimate corners and carries sound very well. It also almost guarantees a good viewing experience from most spots. My biggest gripe was all the Camel cigarettes advertising. It was over the top. There are "art pieces" for Camel cigarettes everywhere. I couldn't believe it when I placed my Stella on a display that had Camel paraphenelia beneath it just so that I could tie my shoe. As I tied my shoe the Camel promoter guys said to me, "hey does this look like a coaster to you?" I couldn't fucking believe it. Anyhow, I felt bad for all the kids who don't know a less commercialized concert like I do.

The Walkmen sounded tired and the only thing they told the crowd was they stayed at a shitty hotel called "The Premier" in Ft. Lauderdale. I think this was the trigger of their sluggish performance. The singer looked like he was trying really hard and I appreciate that, I think we all do. The drummer was also enjoying himself it seemed, but the rest of the band was a little tired.

The best part anyway was was during a silent moment I yelled "Rue the Day" which is one of my favorite songs from their first album and they closed their set with it. They also said "this is for the gentlemen in the front with the request." I was joyed, I was surprised, I was amused, I am thankful.

The Walkmen have three records that I'm aware of. Their first one is my favorite.

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Walkmen - Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Now Gone

I've decided to leave Spoon out of this review. Or actually, fine. Here's my review. They have some catchy tunes. I really enjoy how they use the bass and keyboard as a leading instruments - that really sets their mood. The vocals are what is expected but also deserved and complements the music well as intended. They're also older and uglier than I imagined. Anyhow, my favorite Spoon record is a tie between "Girls Can Tell" and "Gimme Fiction." They're a Chicago born band which makes me think if I live in Chicago I'd hear more music that is derivative of their sound. Is that a bullshit assumption? I hope so. Actually you would expect it so. Chicago is well known for being a city full of art, culture, wind, and segregated neighborhoods or well defined boundaires of neighborhoods. Hey no jab at the city. It's one of my favorites.

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Spoon - Girls Can Tell

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Spoon - Gimme Fiction

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