Saturday, January 12, 2008

LVTHN - Archeology

LVTHN obviously a band teetering with a drone style of music, like Earth and SUNN O))). This record, Archeology, sounds like the soundtrack of a movie where humans have migrated to another planet and then an epidemic happens and there are only like 5 people left but you can hear the epidemic travelling in the atmosphere through the wind. and the planet is larger than earth so people are super dispersed. i think its scary. the sounds are subtle. there's even a cover of Nirvana's "Something in the Way," this happens to be the first track.

According to an interview, the band was originally called Leviathan but they renamed it to the original Hebraic spelling of the word to better manage the band as an entity since there are so many other projects out there also titled Leviathan.

What is your next band on your playlist? Mine was Lynrd Skynard so the transition was rather abrupt, but I wasn't mad at it. After that the next group of music was an M. Gira solo recordings album. Today should be interesting.

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LVTHN - Archeology

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