Sunday, December 30, 2007

Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun

##first music-oriented post##

Released in 1993 by the Oakland, CA based, badass, post-metal sludge band, Neurosis.

The track, "Cleanse," a 26 minute avalanche of percussion, which apparently comes from band members and guests during a recording session according to some blogs, has inspired this post. Shortly after the 6 minute mark the beat enters a slow acceleration where the organic vibrations and sinusoidal yelling can be heard and the result is a pressing and crazy harmony of sound.

Good for different kinds of cerebral flushing, your favorite visceral release, a deserving film sequence, or a good jam.

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Neurosis, Enemy of the Sun
(part1, part2)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this !!buenisimo el album.